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These are the dreamers, and the doers.

Lisa Balcazar

Creative Director


Lisa and design go way back to where she began exhibiting a precocious artistic talent in elementary school by covering sheets and sheets of paper with stick people; lean little alienesque beings with large saucer eyes. Make of that what you will. She is a native of Washington DC's suburbia (an area which, as we all know from watching "Independence Day", is no stranger to alien visitation). Luckily, Lisa managed to elude the cunning extraterrestrials long enough to garner a BA in Visual Communications from Mt. Vernon College and the American University, an internship at the Smithsonian (designing event publications), and nearly ten years of professional Graphic Design experience in the national capitol area. She enjoys painting, photography, and Tabasco sauce. She also enjoys the beach and Tabasco sauce. It's a good thing she was born an Aquarius because she's going to need the water to put out the fires from all that Tobasco sauce.

Now, a few words from Lisa herself...

"If you can dream it, than you can do it!"



 Lou EastmanLOU

Internet Engineer

Lou is the veritable master of all trades. He's a Web guru, musician, father and hair-farmer, just to name a few. We call on Lou for our Dynamic Web needs. If the project requires JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, Flash, Java or HTML expertise, he's our man. Lou began his affair with the Web way back in 1995 (like dog-years, Internet years are about 7 to 1) when he sat on the Utah Valley State College Web Committee and played Webmaster for the UVSC Fine Arts Department. Lou currently serves as the Chairperson for a local chapter of the International Webmasters Association, and for two weeks of every year he disappears into the ether to suck up the latest and greatest in Web Development Knowledge at a variety of seminars and conferences around the country.

We asked Lou to say a few words, and this is what he said...

"It's not a fad. It's not going to go away. It's not a dustball under your couch. You can't bully it. There is no removing it. You cannot regulate it. It has no boundaries. Learn to respect it and...never, ever underestimate it. The Internet."


kelli volles

Senior Designer

KELLIKelli is design. A BFA graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, Kelli's strong suit is Illustration. Her range of skills and experience include online, corporate identity, brochure, and magazine design. She keeps up with what's hot and what's happening in the design world at her monthly meetings of the Art Director's Club of Washington DC (very "panache" of her). You want stuff illustrated? Kelli can do. You want stuff laid out? Kelli can do. You want to impress your friends and colleagues with the groovy look of your cool new website and corporate identity kit? Kelli can do. You want pink and yellow flames painted down the side of your new VW Beetle? Don't look at Kelli.

Talk to the people, Kelli...

"I love the creative process, it is very much a part of who I am. The challenge of figuring out how to solve a visual communication problem is exciting. I want to be doing this forever!"


Brenda Galdames

Director of Marketing and Sales

BRENDAHave you ever been cruising down the information superhighway -- you got the tunes playing in the CD drive, the breeze from the office air-conditioning blowing through your hair, you're owning the net, really owning it -- and there by the side of the road is this cute brunette pasting up ads on electronic billboards and you lose control of your hard drive and crash? Remember the last time that happened? Very embarassing. Come on, admit it. Well, that was Brenda, our bilingual Mistress of Marketing, out there drawing them in. Brenda's qualifications stem from years of experience in said field with a local Interactive Media Giant (who shall remain nameless lest we get sued for using their very well known name to our benefit). At nameless Interactive Media Giant, Brenda has specialized in selling online advertising to Fortune 500 companies, also vague and nameless for the same reason. She can put these skills to use for you, and you, too, can be vague and nameless...no, no, that's not right...

Brenda says...

"Go away. I don't have my creative hat on right now, and I am not my usual quick-witted, irresistable self."


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