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The Primary Domain Accounts Include

  • 25 MB of Server space (minimum allocation for a Primary Domain Account)
  • Domain Name registration with Internic (see What is a
    Domain Name
  • Set-up and configuration of Server
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • 2000 MB of Data Transfer per month
  • Unlimited POP e-mail accounts
  • E-mail aliasing and forwarding
  • CGI and JavaScript support
  • Complimentary registration of your home page with major search engines
  • Up to 30 minutes of complimentary Account Administration
    per month
  • Quarterly billing
  • No minimum contract after first quarter Price Structure

The monthly fee for the Primary Domain Account is $59.95 , to be paid on a quarterly basis.

Server Configuration & Set-up $ 39.00 (one time fee)
File Installation (FTP Service) $ 70.00 (one time fee)
Domain Name Registration with Internic $ 70.00 (for two years)
First Quarter Payment $179.85
TOTAL Start-up Charges $358.85 (with domain name)
(without domain name)

What is a Domain Name?
A domain name is the part of your web address that not only identifies who you are, but tells the server where you live on the Internet. It appears in the URL bar (address bar) of your browser, and typically begins with "www" and is frequently followed by something along the lines of "". Domain names are assigned by Internic, an organization responsible for passing out the names so that two people, businesses, groups, etc. don't get the same one. Since your domain name is what identifies your website from all the other websites in the world, it is important that it be unique to you.

But how do you make sure nobody else is using your domain name? The disappointing fact is that in a lot of cases, someone may be. That's why it is important to do a search (Panache can do this for you) to see if the domain name you want is available. If it is, you must pay Internic a pre-payment of $70 for two years ($35 a year thereafter) to use that name. They register the name you select with the IP Address of your Server space so that when people type in "", they are transported directly to the front page of your site. If you wish to have your own domain name, Panache can do the necessary registration for you at no additional charge. Although using a domain name looks more professional, and helps users find your site quickly, it is not necessary to purchase a domain name from Internic if you do not wish to. Your site will still be accessible to users of the net by using a search engine, or by typing in your entire internet address in the URL bar.

If you have already purchased your domain name from Internic, you may disregard the top$70 fee referred to in the Start-up Charges for domain name registration. Please let us know and we will contact Internic with your new IP Addess.

What is a Data Transfer?
Data transfer simply refers to the amount of traffic your site receives from users. A site which is 1MB in size would have to be accessed, in its entirety, 2000 times per month to reach the allowed amount of Data Transfer. A site which is 5MB in size (an average to toplarge statistic) would need to have every page accessed over 400 times per month to
exceed the limit.

What if my site requires more than the 30 minutes per month of maintenance included in the Plan?
If the activity required to maintain your website exceeds the complimentary 30 minutes per month, you will be billed an Account Administration fee at the rate of $45.00/hr. (pro-ratable) for the time in excess. If we see that the maintenance activity that you request in a given month may push you over your limits, we will advise you of that possibility at the time you make your request. Normal account administration should not exceed the allotted 30 minutes per month, and you will be given an itemization of the charges, should this occur. In cases where you plan to make daily changes to your site,
you may wish to consult us about teaching someone within your organization how to topperform simple site administration duties.

Is there a minimum contract?
After you have paid your Start-up Charge and have had your website installed on the server, Panache will continue to invoice you on a quarterly basis (for $179.85) for as long as your files reside on the Server. There is no minimum contract after the period covered by your First Quarter Payment has expired. You may decide to renew your service on a topquarterly basis.

Does Panache provide Dial-Up Services?
No. The access included in Panache's hosting plans is limited to the hosting of your website so that it is accessible on the Internet. We do not provide individual personal access to the internet (via modem dial-up), a service which is usually billed on the basis of hourly usage, similar to your telephone bill. Many of our clients already have dial-up service through well-known providers such as MCI, AT&T, and America Online. If you need Dial-Up service, we suggest you contact one of these, or check your local yellow pages for alternative providers.

Please feel free to e-mail your questions to

NOTE: Prices for Web Design services are separate from Account Administration services or other services related to hosting your site on our Server space. For more information about our Web Design services, please refer to the Design section of this site [Under Contruction].

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