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Panache Digital Design & Access, Inc. is your one-stop shopping option for establishing your presence on the Internet. You've realized the importance of being on the net, and we've built you the website you need, but now what do you do? How do you actually get your site there? And where is "there" anyway?

What is a server?
"There" is a server. In simple terms, a server is a computer which is specially hooked up to an enormously complex world-wide network of other computers -- the Internet. Your website is a collection of files created within a specific directory structure so that they operate in an interdependant manner when viewed via a browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer, Mosaic, etc.). In order for your website to be accessible on the Internet, your files must be moved to and stored on a server where the information they contain can be accessed by other servers connected to the network, and then channeled to the browsers of individual users sitting at their computers in homes and offices around the world.

Let us Take you There
Here at the heart of the Internet industry in the nation's capitol area, we have access to the technology that you need to showcase your company's site for the world. In order to ensure that your new website performs to the best of your expectations, we feel that it is important that we provide you with a service which allows us to be with you every step of the way. With the existence of multiple operating systems, incompatible file formats, and the myriad of other technical complexities with which the computing world is fraught, we believe that the best way to get you safely onto the Information Superhighway is to let us take you there ourselves.

Pick a Plan
We offer two plans for the convenience of our customers. Our Primary Domain Account is best suited to those clients who have large sites, heavy traffic, the need for an absolute domain name, or who envision future expansion of their site. Our Secondary Domain Account is better suited to those who have small sites and do not wish to pay the hefty commercial fees most Internet Service Providers (ISP's) charge for their excessively large minimum allotments of Server space. There are advantages to both options, so please read about each carefully as you consider the specific needs of your own site. Although both plans offer distinct advantages, we feel that they provide you with one very important advantage in common: we're there for you. We will set up your directories on the server, FTP your files for you, and maintain the functionality of the site once it's actually clipping along in cyberspace. If you request changes or additions to your site, we have immediate access to the files on the server and can control the quality and speed of the implementation of your requests.

In the event that our services are not the best sol

ution to your needs on the Internet, we will be happy to deliver your website to you (on a Macintosh formatted diskette or Zip* disk) to give to the Internet Service Provider of your choice.

Allow us to be your gateway to the Internet.

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